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We at Kesar bagh welcome you to our very special place, and a heritage resort situated between the states of Marwar & Mewar. Making  your trip memorable in true tradition of Rajput hospitality

- Kesar Bagh -

Kesar Bagh  is one such oasis where time and weather had taken a huge toll on the old buildings and the orchards. The rain water gushing down from the Aravallis Hills in the monsoons had breached the lake’s earthen dam on the banks of which once stood the old and grand Kesar Bagh. The present Rao Sahib of Jojawar – Maharaj Singh ji eager to restore the old traditions of the land and his family, recreated the new Kesar Bagh right where the old buildings once stood, but incorporated a few changes seeing to the modern times. Forest is allowed to take over what was farm and orchard to give the visitor a feeling of harmony and fulfilment by being in nature.


A stay at KesarBagh is a throwback to the laid back and indulgent life style of the bygone era. The reversal of time feels so complete with vintage cars taking you for spontaneous drives, moustached butlers waiting by you in their starched bush coats, their turban tails flapping away in the evening breeze, the entire estate with its fruit trees and forest set amidst rural Rajasthan – and so far, far away from any major roads or development, that one cannot help but relax and rejuvenate in its charm. The warm sun, conversation and relaxed sundowners punctuated with impromptu excursions, is the call of the day here





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Wild Life Safari

The 150 acre farm has been returned to the wild. Wild trees and plants have been planted in the entire estate in the hope that it’ll create another habitat although small for wildlife from the nearby Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Preserve.

Train Safari

The train route between the cities of Jodhpur and Udaipur goes up the scenic Kambli Ghat Pass. One of our favourite excursions is this daily train service from the station at the start of the hill section to the highest station in the Aravallis – the Kambli Ghat station

Horse Riding

We are proud owners of several prized Marwari Horses – this indigenous breed of the desert is endowed with sublime beauty and an honest and a bold spirit. Known in the annals of history for its magnificence and loyalty onto death to its master – it was the true Rajput warrior battle charger.

Jeep Safari

Explore the country around the Bagh in style in our Chevy 1934 or a vintage Land Rover. The territory around boasts of very interesting landscapes, with the picturesque Aravalli Hills in the east, and broken rocky hills interspersed with farms and scrub forests all around.​

Birds Safari

Birders would be enthralled by the sheer multitude of avian wildlife just within the estate, thickets in the nearby Wildlife Preserve would further yield rare species like the Blue Throated and the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, varieties of White eyes and Red Starts, Silver bills and Prinias are there in good numbers. Water bodies there host a multitude of water fowl in the winters and if you are lucky you can even spot the very rare Indian Skimmer as it gently skims the water surface feeding.

Return to Nature

Kesar Bagh is a total effort to respect our environment. All of us here being wildlife and nature enthusiasts, this ‘effort’ was but pleasure. Growing and serving our guest vegetables & herbs directly from our in house- Kitchen Garden. Serving organic- milk, ghee , curd & paneer from our in-house cattle shed. 


Superb luxury away from the busy city life


 Wonderful stay. This palace hotel is located on a huge property in Jojawar. The view from my room was amazing and we enjoyed sitting by the pool. Hospitality was first class and staff is very helpful. You must try the train tour which is a superb experience

- Krishna,India


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